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About the Program

Safeguarding Oregon’s most sensitive and crucial data is a collaborative effort throughout the state. We have dedicated cybersecurity teams tirelessly working to fortify our networks and systems against evolving threats posed by hackers. Yet, as threats evolve, so must our defenses. It’s imperative that we continuously strengthen our networks and systems to stay ahead of these ever-changing challenges. Collective action is essential to uphold the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of Oregon’s data.

A pivotal strategy in this endeavor is to ensure that all vendors handling or storing our critical data adhere to robust cybersecurity standards, going beyond mere compliance checkboxes. This is where StateRAMP plays a crucial role.

StateRAMP, short for Risk and Authorization Management Program, offers a structured pathway for vendors to demonstrate their compliance with national cybersecurity standards through an externally verifiable process.

Oregon is proud to embrace StateRAMP as a cornerstone of our contract and procurement framework. By doing so, we ensure comprehensive protection for our residents’ data and bolster our overall security posture.

To view more information about StateRAMP for government, please visit this link. For questions about StateRAMP, please message us at

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StateRAMP Overview

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StateRAMP Authorized Product List

Verified and Progressing Products are listed on the Authorized Product List and updated daily. 

StateRAMP Newsletter

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Training Library

StateRAMP trainings are available to you and your team at the link below. Here you can access, store, download, and share training materials with your team.  

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